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If you're into radio controlled vehicles, whether for racing, simply for fun, or if your scene is more behind the scenes, in the garage, tooling away at the latest model, then this article is for you. The fact is that there are RC car videos out there with your name on them, no matter what the sub-category.

Let's start with the basics, racing. There are numerous categories within remote racing. Some are on blacktop in the city on vast tracks, whereas others are stadium style dirt tracks with hills and other obstacles. This last track type is probably the most common as it allows for easier live viewing. However, we're talking about watching these races on your television. As far as RC car videos go, every track is accessible to your VCR, whether the track is dirt, cement, or even jungle, which is a quickly growing race site.

For those who wish to learn how to assemble their latest RC purchase, RC car videos have got you covered. Now you can discard those tedious, sometimes difficult to understand paper instructions and watch step by step exactly what to do to get your racer on the road in as little time as possible. An added bonus to this is that now more than ever, many of these videos come with the car upon purchase.

Along these same lines are specialty RC car videos. These are designed to show you how to tweak your vehicles with upgrades that will leave your friends absolutely green. This includes basic car maintenance, proper replacement (and environmental disposal) of accessories, of carburetor and engine tuning, and similar aspects.

To take racing a step further, a new line of these videos has come out that show RC car enthusiasts racing in the garage. Only they're not racing cars, but each other! With tools in hand and a coffee or beer at the ready, these guys and gals test their knowledge and mechanical acumen as they pit off against each other to race for the title of fastest -and most expert RC mechanic. This is great fun for the true enthusiast.


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